Developing Business Leaders Through Nonprofit Board Service


Our team has trained thousands of business executives for serving on nonprofit boards and matched over 1,000 business executives and professionals to global, national, and regional boards. Our innovative approaches promote good board matches for one employee or hundreds of employees.

Our Board Vector is an innovative model for companies to scale their nonprofit board programs with excellent training and matches.

The Board Vector is an online, virtual process to prepare and guide employees in finding the right match for productive and rewarding board experiences. Using the Board Vector’s exclusive tools and resources, employees are able to determine their board readiness, and access training videos and podcasts to support them throughout their board matching journey.

We customize each company’s board program according to their goals. These are some of the models we’ve provided for companies.

The one-on-one model where we work with each board candidate individually to find the perfect match.

The Board Vector, an online, self-guided process for dozens or hundreds of employees.

The hybrid model, which combines one-on-one guidance for each candidate together with elements of the Board Vector.

Nonprofit Board Leadership Studies

Our Better World Leadership studies show that nonprofit board experiences advance the company’s goals by promoting diversity and inclusion, developing employees to find innovative solutions to vital challenges, and recruiting and retaining the best talent.


Study Reveals Opportunity for Companies to Advance Diversity & Inclusion with Nonprofit Board Programs

Nonprofit Board Programs Develop Diverse & Inclusive Business Leaders for a Sustainable Future

Nonprofit Boards: Boot Camp for Corporate Executives

Our Partners

Alice is a thoughtful leader who successfully helps companies and nonprofits to define common ground in order to find innovative new solutions to address global challenges. She ensures a win-win for all in her work by achieving real results. It’s always a pleasure working with her for #ABetterWorld!

Gabriel Burian
Senior Global Director Sustainable Food Systems, Bayer

Alice took the time to understand my personal interests and professional goals and connected to me to nonprofit boards based on these attributes eventually connecting and placing me with a highly impactful board that I can contribute to in a meaningful way. I got to know Alice personally along the way and she has been an amazing resource and thought partner relative to several major projects I am involved with.

Cyeria Jackson
Principal, Internal Audit at Amazon

In my capacity as executive director at the Drucker Institute, I hired Alice to help us figure out how to identify those companies that live up to Peter Drucker’s definition of social responsibility. Alice’s expertise in sustainability and corporate governance was invaluable on this project. But so was the creativity that she brought to her work. It was that combination—of insight and ingenuity—that got us where we needed to go. We’ve couldn’t have done this without her. And one other thing: Alice is a true pleasure to work with, as well!

Rick Wartzman
Executive Director, Drucker Institute


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In A Better World, Inc., Korngold shows companies how to grow value by finding innovative solutions to the world's social, economic, and environmental challenges. Using case studies, A Better World, Inc. delineates best practices for corporations to mitigate risks, reduce costs, and grow value through effective board governance, NGO partnerships, and stakeholder engagement.

In Leveraging Good Will, Alice Korngold shows how businesses can develop tomorrow’s leaders by having their executives properly matched, trained, and coached for board service.